What is BIOS?
Document Management Tracking System
This application is a document entry and maintenance system that eliminates the requirement for the generation of paper documents, reduces the operational costs and requirements to physically transport documents between Admin and Disbursing sites, and increases production time. The Document Tracking And Management System (DTMS) web-based application provides you with Logging and tracking mechanisms that maintain the historical events of each document.

It enables to store all the documents related with the pipeline project and able to track the flow of the documents originating from the engineering contractor and terminating at the EPC. It helps to maintain the integrity in the document numbering system, at all the originators that are accessing the system. A real-time display of a document’s position and status can be determined. It is an automated means for the disbursing/finance office to initiate pay action or research as requested by the admin office.

It accommodates any electronic document stored by the document application. It stores comments attached to an electronic document without modifying the original document.

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